I. General Conditions

1. The issuer of the gift voucher is CER-FAR S.C. ul. Kościuszki 17,

59-700 Bolesławiec, NIP: 612-158-01-81, online store at: www.ceramikahenrys.pl

2. The company CER-FAR S.C. is obliged to send the Buyer a gift voucher in
electronic form (e-mail) in the amount selected by the buyer.
At the same time, CER-FAR S.C. undertakes to accept payments for
purchases in the form of a voucher, purchased by a person holding a voucher.

3. The Purchaser is obliged to provide CER-FAR S.C. cash in the amount equal
to the nominal value of the gift voucher.

4. The value of the voucher to be chosen by the buyer is:

5. The gift voucher can only be used in the online store:

6. The voucher is valid for 60 days. The date that should
be considered as the beginning of the voucher's validity is the day of its purchase.

7. The purchased gift voucher is non-returnable.

8. Failure to use the Voucher within the prescribed period will result in the loss of the possibility of its redemption. The unused Voucher is not subject to complaint or refund

II. Redeem a gift voucher

1. The buyer may use the amount indicated on the purchased Voucher in the online
store belonging to CER-FAR S.C: www.ceramikahenrys.pl 2. Each purchased Voucher has a code that appears in the purchasing system
belonging to CER-FAR S.C. 3. The Voucher must be used in full once. You can make a purchase
for a higher amount for an additional payment of the difference. 4. If the Buyer does not use the full amount of the gift voucher,
the difference in the amount will not be refunded. 5. A gift voucher purchased on the CER-FAR S.C. website :: www.ceramikahenrys.pl It is only issued once. CER-FAR S.C. is not responsible for damaged or lost vouchers.
The purchase must be documented with a code that is sent only once. 6. Ceramika CER-FAR S.C reserves the right to refuse to accept a
gift voucher in exchange for the delivery of the goods if: the voucher is in doubt
as to its authenticity, is damaged, is illegible. In such cases, the voucher
will be considered invalid.

III. Final Provisions

1. The Purchaser of the Gift Voucher as well as the person holding the voucher issued
by CER-FAR S.C declares that he has read the rules and content of the Regulations,
accepts its content in full and undertakes to comply with all of the above-mentioned rules. 2. The purchase of the voucher is a confirmation that the Buyer as well as
the person holding the voucher agrees and accepts all the conditions contained in
the above regulations.